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SIMS Agora for Schools. Secure. Integrated. Efficient.

SIMS Agora provides your school with a cost-efficient, secure and simple way to collect payments from parents and sell school items online for trips, activities, meals, uniform or other school items. With the peace of mind that SIMS Agora is securely integrated with SIMS - making the most of the pupil and parent contact information already managed by the school.

Online payments help schools save many hours of administration time each week with payment collection and banking procedures - freeing up time that can be spent on other important school administration activities.

SIMS Agora makes it easy for schools to offer a much more cost-effective and automated way to collect parent payments and sell school items online… and benefit from the improved efficiency, reduced administration and flexibility provided by an integrated online payment solution.

Fully integrated to the school’s SIMS system, SIMS Agora streamlines the process of administering and collecting payments for school items by providing an easy-to-use way of assigning items for payment by each year group, form, class or other defined group automatically from SIMS, and with faster payment reconciliation, SIMS Agora automatically transfers payments securely to the school’s nominated bank accounts for each individual item.

SIMS Agora integrates seamlessly with SIMS Dinner Money for school meal payments, balances and meal options. Parents can view their school meal balance, manage payments and top-ups with greater ease and freeing up hours each week for the school office.

In addition to offering a much more efficient way to collect parent payments, SIMS Agora helps the school to improve safeguarding and security by ensuring children are safer by not having to carry cash to school, and also reducing the amount of money held on school premises.

SIMS Agora is the trusted online payments solution for the whole school community

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  • Helps reduce administrative time and cost spent on payment collection and banking procedures
  • Reduces the amount of money held at school
  • Ensures children are safer without carrying cash to school
  • Keeps accurate records of payments for every item for every pupil
  • Seamless, automatic integration with SIMS Dinner Money for accurate balances
  • Seamless, automatic SIMS integration to access all contacts and user defined groups